Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism

Mr. Speaker, last week, 10 members of this House joined 125 parliamentarians from more than 40 countries to participate in the inaugural conference of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism.
This interparliamentary conference, hosted by the U.K. government under the inspiring leadership of MP John Mann, heard chilling testimony about the new, escalating, global, virulent and even lethal anti-Semitism.
The parliamentarians adopted a landmark document, the London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism, which expressed alarm at the resurgence of this oldest and most enduring of hatreds, including that of state-backed anti-Semitism in general and genocidal anti-Semitism in particular, and resolved to act through an action plan to combat this old-new hatred of Jews and a hatred of Israel as a Jewish collectivity.
As we have learned only too well, while it may begin with Jews, it does not end with Jews. This conference not only sounded the alarm, but issued a clarion call to act in the name of our common humanity and shared future.