Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Intern Blog: Living in the Moment

So, I am currently completing my fifth of eight semesters at university and things are getting hectic before finals. I have a lot on my plate right now and I am trying to keep from drowning in papers and exams, while still making time for my family and friends. It is really overwhelming, I must admit, and I am really quite stressed out with the finite time I have to get everything on my list done. At times like these I often have to take a step back and remind myself that this phase of life is almost over, and that I need to try and enjoy it while I can.

Taking a moment to enjoy what I am doing, instead of rushing to complete everything is a skill that has taken me years to master.  When I was working on my diploma and certificate at Humber, I was really struggling to get things done, and put that phase of life behind me.  While all of my classes were really interesting and exposed me to lots of concepts that I am using in my university studies, I didn’t want to be there and I feel like it showed in my work. While my grades were very good, I didn’t push myself out of my comfort zone, and I now wish I had spent more time learning and focusing on subjects that I hadn’t heard about before.  So when I got into university, I promised myself I wouldn’t make the same mistake, and I have developed some skills to help me achieve that goal.

One of the things I do is remind myself that “this too shall pass”.  When I am swamped with essays and assignments, it is easy for me to get really stressed out and feel like I won’t be able to get things done in a timely fashion.  By remembering other times that I have had a lot on my plate and how the situation eventually resolved itself, helps put into focus that my current stressful situation will not last forever and that I will survive.

Another thing that helps is trying to learn from my stressful situation so I don’t get into the same situation twice. Like I said last week, time management is a skill I have worked very hard to develop and it is a skill I continue to work on daily.  By reminding myself to keep on top of my papers and chores and by reassessing my goals and commitments weekly I am able to keep on top of things. Once I let something slide, or take a whole day off to mess around, it is hard for me to get back in the swing of things. By staying busy and keeping busy, I am able to continue checking things off my list.

As my internship at CJPAC is more than half over, I am trying to absorb as much as I can in my last few weeks. This opportunity has been wonderful and I am so excited to have this experience. I am so excited for my last year of university and whatever other adventure I will have after this.

Until Next Time!