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Intern Blog: Time management and other tricks

Multi-taskingPersonally I have had a really hard time learning how to properly management my time, and prioritizing tasks. I want to get everything done at once, and then find myself drowning in half finished work and broken promises. So working at CJPAC and being a full-time student at the same time has taught me a lot about how to get everything done and how to be efficient while doing it, and I thought I would share some of the tips I’ve learned.

I have created a “master to-do” list, which has been really helpful for me to remind me of the things I need to have done each week.  From downloading iTunes’s free song of the week, to paying my energy bill, to remembering to write the short weekly chapter quizzes for one of my classes that make up a large part of my overall grade, having a master list that I can build on each week makes it easier to see what I need to do and gives me a chance to get things done.  I also try to put shorter tasks at the front of my list, instead of starting my list with the biggest task I need to complete during the week. I always feel more on top of things when I have checked something off, even if it is just downloading a free song on iTunes. Tricking my mind into feeling more productive is always a good thing.

I also am a color coding nut, as my coworkers here at CJPAC have noticed.  I have master colors for each of my main activities, and I have a set of gel pens that correspond to each color.  It makes it so much easier to see when things are due and during what weeks I need to be a little more careful, to complete everything.  I love seeing a big colorful calendar when I get ready for work each morning, because it makes me feel really productive and great.

Another thing I find really helps me get things done, is surprisingly, celebrating Shabbat.  I love putting my school books away, unplugging my electronics and just spending a day focusing on my family and friends.  I find that having this break is an important way to recharge for the upcoming week and it also makes me feel like I do have some time away from my jobs and school, even if it is only for a few hours.

I am still learning how to manage things, but I feel like I am getting better with managing my time, and I am grateful to everyone who has been patient with me as I learn. I have noticed being in university has taught me just as many life skills as it has facts on philosophers or theories.  I hope you all find my tips helpful, and I will chat with you again next week!

Until Next Time!!