Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Intern Blog: Where the ACTION was

I must admit,  I had never heard of the ACTION Party until I started at CJPAC in January, and I certainly had no idea what to expect. After watching my colleagues prepare for the party for months, seeing the whole thing come together was incredible. The event was an amazing night, and I can’t wait for next year’s party!

I arrived at the Arcadian Court around 4 and got changed and had my makeup done. After that, I headed downstairs to begin preparations for the event’s beginning.  At the beginning of the night I was working the ticket-fill-out table and got the opportunity to chat with a number of guests who were arriving.  Everyone was dressed to the nines and spirits were high. I then moved to door service where I had a lot of fun greeting people and stamping their hands. The atmosphere of ACTION was great, and everyone seemed excited to be there.  The music and entertainment was great – I especially liked the “Putting on the Ritz” performance – and the food was awesome.

Although I have helped friends plan weddings, I never realized how much effort went in to putting on a party like ACTION.  I was so impressed with my colleagues’ attention to detail and how excited everyone was to take part in the event.

I was also excited to get to chat with some politicians over the course of the evening. I was so thrilled that they were able to take the time to talk to me about how the political system functions and to shake hands. All of the politicians I met were so nice and personable and I felt like I was able to start making a name for myself in the political circles I someday want to be a part of.

Everyone was so excited to be a part of the ACTION Party and that enthusiasm rubbed off on me.  The night flew by and I could barely believe that it was 1:30am when I finally checked my watch.  I am so grateful to everyone at CJPAC for giving me the opportunity to see how the party came together from behind the scenes and I so look forward to taking part in this incredible event in the years to come.