Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
My Summer at CJPAC: Jordan Devon

By: Jordan Devon

I can’t say for certain when my fascination with Canadian politics began, but I can tell you when it was solidified. It was summer 2014 and I had been selected for the CJPAC internship program.

While I had a reasonable understanding of CJPAC’s mandate and work before my internship, I underestimated how unique the experience would be. At CJPAC, I found myself surrounded by individuals who not only had a wealth of knowledge and political experience but who were also actively invested in the Canadian Jewish community. As someone who cares deeply about these two worlds, I felt at home.

The internship gave me familiarity with the workings of political organizations and helped me improve my research and writing skills while working in the non-profit arena. I had the opportunity to attend events with parliamentarians, and receive hands-on experience working in a multi-partisan environment. My favourite aspect of the internship was travelling across Ontario and teaching campers at Jewish summer camps about the importance of political engagement.

The relationships I built and the experience I gained because of CJPAC put me on the path to where I am now. It was at a CJPAC event where I first met the Member of Parliament whose election campaign I would volunteer on in 2015, and whose office for which I would later intern. It was at the CJPAC Fellowship where I gained the skills that helped prepare me for an internship at the office of the United Nations Representative for the World Jewish Congress. And it was at CJPAC where I fell in love with the ins and outs of Canadian politics. Today, as an Analyst at Crestview Strategy, I spend each day navigating the Canadian political ecosystem to advocate for public policy change.

The CJPAC internship helped open the door to the rest of my career. It provided me with the opportunity to further develop my knowledge and experience in communications, research, and politics, and I recommend it to anyone who has an appetite for political engagement.

If you want an experience like this, apply today for a summer internship with CJPAC!