Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Mr. Costas Menegakis (Richmond Hill, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, this week’s brazen attacks on the British Embassy in Tehran were extremely disturbing. Iranian authorities failed to uphold their responsibilities under the Vienna Convention, which specifically safeguard diplomatic missions. Following this outrageous act, the British have pulled their ambassador to Iran.

Could the Minister of Foreign Affairs please update the House on the status and well-being of our diplomats in Tehran?

Hon. John Baird (Minister of Foreign Affairs, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, I know I speak for all members of the House that the safety and security of our diplomatic staff in Tehran is a top concern when we hear about the outrageous attack on the British High Commission. We are in very close contact with the embassy in Tehran. We have had a limited engagement strategy for the last four years and we are following the situation very closely.

I have asked my deputy minister to conduct a complete security review and we will do what is best for the Canadian officials who are doing the important work of Canada. We will ensure their safety if that requires evacuating them earlier.