Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Hon. Irwin Cotler ( Mount Royal , Lib.): 
Mr. Speaker, yesterday, the minister avoided my questions on Canadian action to counter the Iranian threats.
My questions are: Will Canada seek sanctions in support of our United Nations resolution, including sanctioning the Iranian revolutionary guards? Will Canada , as a state party to the genocide convention, implement our legal obligations to combat state-sanctioned incitement to genocide? Will Canada support the Interpol arrest warrant against Iran ‘s defence minister for the 1994 terrorist bombing in Argentina ?
We need action, not just words, to protect human rights.
Hon. Lawrence Cannon (Minister of Foreign Affairs, CPC): 
Mr. Speaker, yesterday I made it clear that Canada is leading the way in the world to make clear that we stand up at the United Nations, that we table and co-sponsor a resolution against Iran ‘s outrageous handling of human rights. We hope that that side of the House supports our actions against Iran .