Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Iranian Nuclear Capacity and Preparations for War

Inquiry-Debate Continued

On the Order:
Resuming debate on the inquiry of the Honourable Senator Segal calling the attention of the Senate to the government of Iran’s imminent nuclear war capacity and its preparations for war in the Middle East, and to the commitment of Canada and its allies, including the USA, Russia, Turkey, the Gulf States, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and others, to diplomatic and strategic initiatives that exclude first-use nuclear attack, the ability of Canada to engage with its allies in order to understand, measure and contain this threat, and the capacity of Canada to support allied efforts to prevent a thermonuclear exchange in the Middle East.
Hon. Marcel Prud’homme:

Honourable senators, I have been committed to delivering my speech that has been expected for some time. However, many developments are taking place in Iran . I am happy to have delayed my intervention. What I had prepared proves exactly what is taking place. Patience and negotiations are better than losing your mind and going to war. I shall, before I leave, give you my views on this very important motion that was well presented and defended by Senator Segal. I ask permission for adjournment for the remainder of my time.
(On motion of Senator Prud’homme, debate adjourned.)