Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Hon. Bob Rae (Toronto Centre, Lib.): 
Mr. Speaker, many Canadians have expressed concern about the possibility that potential peace talks between the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority might be derailed by recent events and recent announcements by the government of Israel.

I wonder if the Prime Minister can confirm that he in fact has discussed this issue with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, and can he tell us, please, what exactly he said?
Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC): 
Mr. Speaker, I have discussed this with Prime Minister Netanyahu, and of course I repeated the Government of Canada’s position, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs did last week in collaboration with a number of our allies. Our position on the particular issue at hand is well known.
At the same time, I indicated to Prime Minister Netanyahu and would indicate to all involved in this particular conflict that I hope they will all make their best efforts to see their way to resuming peace talks in some form as soon as possible.