Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Bruchim Habaim and Welcome, On the occasion of Yom Ha’azmaut- Israel’s Independence Day, I extend to you my sincere greetings. As we celebrate 61 years of statehood, I congratulate the people of Israel, as I admire it for what it has achieved and the great optimism of its inhabitants for all that this great country aims to accomplish well into its future.

Israel remains the only stable democracy in the Middle East, as well as a country on the cutting edge of technological breakthroughs that contribute to the betterment of all mankind. According to a January 2008, Economist magazine article, Israel boasts eight of the top five hundred universities on the planet. The State of Israel is a diverse society welcoming and ensuring the freedom of all of its inhabitants, whether, Muslim, Christian or Jew. It is truly the embodiment of a thriving society. As Prime Minister Harper has unequivocally stated, the Government of Canada stands behind Israel in its quest for security and to live in peace among its neighbours. The Government salutes the State of Israel on its 61st birthday and prays for a time when it sees peace and acceptance from all. Mazal Tov and Peace,