Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Israel Apartheid Week

Mr. Speaker, Israel Apartheid Week promotes the one-sided, intolerant and unbalanced position that Israel is a racist state and Israel’s friends are supporting apartheid. Last week the New Democratic Party blocked a Conservative motion condemning Israel Apartheid Week.

I fully agree with the Canada-Israel Committee, which said that the NDP’s position demonstrates, "An utter disregard for the plight of students who are bullied and intimidated on campuses in Canada is staggering and unacceptable".
The NDP Houses leader even sent a message to her political supporters, bragging about her role in scuttling the motion. This is the same NDP member who tabled before the House a petition about, "Elements within the U.S. government were complicit in the murder of thousands of people on 9/11, 2001".
Why will the New Democratic Party not condemn the so-called "activists" on university campuses who use Israel Apartheid Week as a pretext to harass, intimidate and bully Jewish students?