Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Israeli 50th Independance Day

[2 June, 1998]

Mr. Jason Kenney (Calgary Southeast, Ref.): Mr. Speaker, while Jews and Gentiles around the world are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the modern state of Israel, Liberal and New Democrat MPs are choosing to attack this brave outpost for democracy in the Middle East.

The NDP MPs for Vancouver East and Burnaby—Douglas and the Liberal MP for Gatineau all gave their blessing to a recent anti-Israel rally where the independence of Israel was maligned as a “catastrophe”.

The New Democrat MP for Burnaby—Douglas said that Israel’s modern rebirth was not a happy occasion but was the start of 50 years of “injustice”.

Shame on these MPs. This is an outrageous affront to Israel’s thriving democracy and its willingness to dialogue with Palestinians, some of whom still vow to destroy Israel.

These Liberal and NDP MPs claim to speak for democracy but instead of celebrating Israel’s valiant defence of democracy in the Middle East, they have chose to malign it. What a disgrace to this House and to this country.