Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Israeli Apartheid Week

Mr. Speaker, in another attack on Jewish people worldwide, anti-Israeli groups on university campuses today are marking the beginning of what they have dubbed infamously as "Israeli Apartheid Week". They must not have a clear understanding of apartheid itself.
Unlike blacks in apartheid South Africa, Arab citizens of Israel have full political rights. They vote and participate in the political process. Arab Knesset representatives cross the spectrum, from the Communist and Arab nationalist parties through to the Likud. Salim Jubran, an Israeli Arab, is a judge on Israel’s supreme court.
Acts of ignorance such as these protests should offend not only all Canadians, but Parliament as well. Why? Because an NDP student union is a co-sponsor. The very notion of a political party’s connection to this brings shame to this chamber. These protests have become a haven for thugs who practice bully tactics and promote intolerance of the Jewish people.
I implore both the NDP and misguided campus groups everywhere to stand down from this week’s long attack and recognize Israel for the vibrant democratic society that it is.