Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Israeli MIAs
    Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to present, pursuant to Standing Order 36, the attached petitions signed by hundreds, probably thousands, of constituents from the riding of Thornhill. They were marshalled, organized and acquired by the hard work of Renanah Goldhar and Mothers for MIAs.
    The petition contains the names of seven Israeli MIAs: Yehuda Katz, Tzvi Feldman, Zachary Baumel, Ron Arad, Guy Hever, Majdy Halabi and Gilad Shalit.
    They petition Parliament to use all reasonable means in order to bring about the return of these Israeli boys as a result of the 2006 war and the activities of Hezbollah, and further, for the return of the body of Eli Cohen.
    As I said, there are hundreds of names on this particular petition from the riding of Thornhill.
    While I am on my feet, I would like to present a further petition that is certified pursuant to Standing Order 36 and is similar in its intent.
     In fact, Renanah Goldhar and the mothers who are concerned for the return of soldiers missing in action list all of the soldiers names again: Yehuda Katz, Tzvi Feldman, Zachary Baumel, Ron Arad, Guy Hever, Majdy Halabi.
    They build on previous petitions that have been presented by me and others in this House calling for the return of these MIAs. It is part of an ongoing imploring of the Government of Canada to use whatever means available to encourage the return of these soldiers to their families.