Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Israeli Participation in Non-Proliferation Treaty

Hon. Marcel Prud’homme: Honourable senators, I have a supplementary question. I will certainly make a speech on this subject before I depart.

While the minister proceeds along the lines suggested by Senator Segal, could she add a request to the Prime Minister, in order to help the situation in the Middle East, that he ask Israel to sign the non-proliferation treaty, which would send a positive signal in the region that everyone is treated equally.

Hon. Marjory LeBreton (Leader of the Government and Minister of State (Seniors)): I wish to thank the honourable senator for his comments. I will simply pass on his suggestion to the government.

There is nothing more that can be said at the moment. We are dealing with a serious situation in Iran, and I will be happy to make the honourable senator’s views known to the Prime Minister and to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.