Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Israel’s 60th Anniversary

Mr. Speaker, May 8 marks Israel’s 60th anniversary of independence. Like Canada, Israel is a nation born of many people and backgrounds. It is bilingual and plays a pre-eminent role in international development.


Despite an ongoing onslaught by Israel’s neighbours, Israel not only survived but flourished.

I am proud of Canada’s record and of the record of the Liberal Party when it comes to supporting Israel.

Today, as it has in the past, Israel faces a number of threats, from despots and terrorists who aim for its destruction to boycotts that claim to support peace, but instead only encourage further mistrust and misunderstanding.

Israel and Israelis should know that Canadians stand by them through the tough times and during the celebrations.

I ask all members to join me in wishing Israel a happy 60th birthday and hope that the coming years bring the peace that Israelis have prayed for since Israel’s birth.