Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act

Hon. Irwin Cotler (Mount Royal, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, during committee deliberations on Bill C-10, I introduced a series of amendments to the important justice for victims of terrorism act, but these amendments were regrettably rejected by the Conservative majority on committee. The government then tabled the same amendments at report stage in the House, which the Speaker rightfully ruled out of order.

Now that we agree that these amendments are warranted and that they should never have been rejected in the first place, what will the government now do to see that these desirable amendments are in fact implemented?

Hon. Vic Toews (Minister of Public Safety, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, Canadians gave our government a strong mandate to keep our streets and communities safe. That is why we have made passage of the safe streets and communities act a priority.

We are always interested in measures that put victims first.