Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Liberal Leadership Convention

[8 December, 2006]

Mr. Chris Warkentin (Peace River, CPC): [ ]

“Mr. Speaker, no matter what their heritage, religion or social class, in my Canada everybody is welcome to be involved in political life.

“During their leadership race, Liberal delegates were encouraged to not vote based on who was best for the job, but based on racist and bigoted stereotypes.

“It is being widely reported today in the media that Bob Rae was a target of anti-Semitic attacks during the Liberal leadership race, motivated at least in part by the fact that his wife is Jewish.

“Reports say that in an attempt to bolster another candidate, the strategists approached Rae’s own wife telling her not to vote for Rae ‘because his wife is Jewish’. The report goes on to say that Mrs. Perly Rae informed the delegate that she in fact was that Jewish wife who was in question.

“On the government side of the House, we believe in a Canada that accepts all and encourages all to be involved in politics. It is too bad that some members of the Liberal Party do not agree.”