Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Liberal MP responds

National Post
Wed 27 Feb 2008
Page: A17
Section: Letters
Byline: Anita Neville

Re: Who’s Fooling Who?, editorial, Feb. 23.

This editorial took aim at the decision of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) to circulate my recent letter to Public Safety Minister Stock-well Day on security funding to vulnerable communities and it attacked the Liberal record on this issue.

In that letter I asked that in light of Hezbollah’s recent threat to attack Jewish communities worldwide, security funding should be made available to Jewish community centres and synagogues without delay. CJC’s decision to circulate it to the community is only reasonable and natural, given the issue’s importance and the government’s failed track record. Yes –a failed track record.

Liberal parliamentarians like Susan Kadis and Marlene Jennings have led the parliamentary push for security funding for more than four years. As co-chair of Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel, I can tell you that we were ready to address this issue when the Conservatives brought down the minority government. Minister Day has met our public safety critic, Professor Irwin Cotler, to discuss that readiness. Since then, we have issued press releases and letters calling on the present government to make this issue a priority.

Anita Neville, MP, co-chair, Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel, Ottawa.