Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel condemn discriminatory U.N. resolutions

The Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel, co-chaired by Liberal Member of Parliament Anita Neville (Winnipeg South Centre) and Senator David Smith, on the eve of the U.N. General Assembly’s annual ritual of Resolutions which single out Israel alone “for differential and discriminatory treatment”, are urging the Conservative government to cease acquiescing in such “a flawed process.”

The previous Liberal Government began the process of refusing to lend Canada’s support to resolutions that were discriminatory and counter-productive. “We call upon the Conservative Government to complete the process of careful scrutiny of the UNGA resolutions launched by then Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew in 2005 and to refuse to provide Canada’s support to resolutions that single out one Member State of the UN for discriminatory treatment, thereby undermining both the integrity of the United Nations and the overall goal of strengthening dialogue and building confidence and trust among the parties,” said Senator Smith.

Refusing to support divisive resolutions, however, should not represent Canada’s only response to this flawed process. “Canadian diplomats should continue to build upon the Liberal Government’s efforts to recommend an alternative process which will end the divisiveness and strengthen the relevance and integrity of the UN,” said Ms. Neville. “I ask that the Government cease to acquiesce in this flawed process and propose instead a single fair and comprehensive resolution on the Middle East that would seek to advance the cause of peace and restore integrity to this UN process, as the Liberal Government first supported in 2005.”

“The current government should not indulge, nor acquiesce in, this shameful and demeaning process. Rather, the government should take the lead in disassociating itself from this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ ritual and propose instead one single comprehensive resolution that would help advance the cause of peace and, at the same time, the integrity of the U.N.” said Irwin Cotler, M.P. “This is something that I recommended while I was Minister of Justice – which our government supported at the time – and which the present Conservative government should pursue as well.”