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Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel mark the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Israel
OTTAWA – Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel (LPFI) mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Canada and Israel.  
“This is an important milestone in our partnership,” said LPFI Co-Chair Anita Neville, Member of Parliament from Manitoba, “A prosperous Canadian-Israeli bilateral relationship is important for Canada’s economic well being and prosperity. 60 years on, Israel is Canada’s biggest trading partner in the region, a key ally and a valued friend.”
In 1947, the Canadian Government appointed Justice Ivan C. Rand to the United Nations Special Commission on Palestine. The Commission recommended the partition of the British Palestine, resulting in the creation of the Jewish state. 
“Canada’s Liberal government was one of 33 countries that voted for Israel’s creation,” commented LPFI Co-Chair, Senator David Smith, “and we can take pride in the strong role that we continue to play in supporting Israel’s right to exist and in opposing efforts to isolate Israel internationally.”  
Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Lester B. Pearson helped defuse the aftermath of the Suez Canal Crisis by stationing United Nations soldiers between Israeli and Egyptian forces. For his invention of Peacekeeping, he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1957.   
“This is a great occasion to look back at the numerous milestones in our bilateral relationship, remarked Senator Art Eggleton, “as the Minister for International Trade, I had the privilege of signing the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement. It was Canada’s first free trade agreement outside of the Western Hemisphere. But I cannot but feel disappointed that the Conservative Government has not built on this legacy by enriching this relationship further with new and significant bilateral agreements. Almost all of the major bilateral agreements between Canada and Israel were signed by Liberal governments.”
"There is so much left to be done," added Toronto MP Ken Dryden.  "There is even greater need now for Canada not just economically but diplomatically – that important Canadian voice that has fallen silent in recent years – to help re-engage efforts to bring Israel through this difficult time towards a safe, secure, sustainable and prosperous future."
“Canada and Israel share the same liberal values of life, democracy and respect for human rights,” stated Marlene Jennings, Member of Parliament from Quebec, “and on such a strong foundation, our relationship is bound to grow and flourish for sixty years to come.”


BACKGROUND:  Canada-Israel Bilateral Partnership 


Interim Agreement on Social Security 2000 Liberal
Mutual Legal Assistance 2000 Liberal
Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement 1997 Liberal
Canada-Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation 1994 Liberal
Air Transport 1987 Progressive Conservative
Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Fiscal Evasion 1976 Liberal
Extradition Agreement 1969 Liberal