Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel welcome Canada’s withdrawal from the politicized Durban Review Conference

Ottawa – Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel, co-chaired by Liberal Member of Parliament Anita Neville (Winnipeg South Centre) and Senator David Smith have welcomed the decision by the Government of Canada to withdraw from the Durban Review Conference.

“The government has been in disarray on this issue,” Anita Neville observed, “in 2006 they decided to support the yearly General Assembly resolution on follow-up work from the 2001 Durban Conference debacle. In 2007, they changed their minds, starting to oppose that same resolution while voting to merely abstain on another resolution that laid out the groundwork for the review conference. Although Canada’s decision to withdraw from the conference is belated, we are pleased that the Government is finally taking this issue seriously and is doing the right thing.”

“Sadly, it looks like the Durban Review Conference will continue in the footsteps of its 2001 predecessor,” commented Senator David Smith, “it is inappropriate for Canada to advance the international human rights agenda through a forum that makes a mockery of the fight against racism and discrimination. I would like to see the Canadian Government urging our friends and allies around the world to boycott this hijacked forum as well.”