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Liberals support Israel

Have Your Say
Winnipeg Free Press
Fri 16 May 2008
Page: A14
Section: Editorial Leaders

Liberals support Israel I am writing in response to your editorial, Standing up for Israel. In it, you correctly note that Canada’s security is linked with Israel’s security and I strongly support this position.

You have also, rightly, praised Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s strong statement of support for Israel on the occasion of its 60th anniversary. But I was a bit surprised that you did not reference St ©phane Dion’s statement of support for the Jewish state on this occasion. Readers of the editorial may also mistakenly infer that the Conservative government’s support for Israel is new, uniform and that Liberals are not as supportive.

To avoid any misconceptions, I would like to point out that while the government has been vocal in its support for Israel, it made no changes to Canada’s foreign policy towards Israel or the Middle East. In fact, Conservatives are following in Liberal footsteps. For example, at the United Nations General Assembly, they made seven vote changes in the past two years, exactly matching the seven vote changes that the Liberal government of Paul Martin started in the two years prior.

Support for Israel is not a partisan divide. Liberals, beginning with Dion, are strong supporters of the Jewish state. This government’s message of support is welcome, but it is not new. Anita Neville MP for Winnipeg South Centre Co-Chair of Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel