Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Liberals support UN-backed sanctions against Iran

Liberal MPs spoke out in favour of Canada’s new sanctions against Iran, and any measures that conform with the United Nations Security Council Resolution to bring Iran’s nuclear program back in line with international law.

“Canadians stand with the United States, members of the European Union, Australia and other allies in pressuring Iran to curb its threatening behaviour,” said Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae. “Iran must take immediate steps to ease the concerns of the international community and engage in talks on their nuclear program.”

The Liberal Party strongly supports ongoing work on Iran by the Responsibility to Prevent Coalition, chaired by Liberal MP Irwin Cotler and comprised of some 100 leading academics, jurists, scholars, genocide survivors and Iranian activists.

“We remain concerned at the disturbing human rights situation and the repression of minorities and political opposition under the Iranian regime,” said Mr. Cotler. “The international community should hold the Iranian leadership to account if this threatening behaviour continues.”

Liberals also repeated their call to have the Iranian Revolutionary Guard added to the Canadian list of terrorist organizations.