Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Liberals Urge Restraint and Renewed Dialogue Following UN vote on Palestine

OTTAWA– Liberal Leader Bob Rae made the following statement today on the passing of a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly to accord Palestine Non-member Observer State status:

“The vote at the UN must not allow Canada, or the world, to divert its attention from the main issue at hand: a two-state solution negotiated in good faith between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

There is still a peace process that must be pursued through dialogue with both sides.

We strongly urge the international community, and our own Canadian government, against punitive measures directed at the Palestinian Authority that will only destabilize the region.

This is a crucial moment where Canada must maintain open lines of communication with all players in the peace process. Canada needs to encourage restraint and direct negotiations.

Diminishing Canada’s engagement with the Palestinian Authority would only strengthen the positions of organizations that reject the peace process, reject a two-state solution and are not prepared to accept the existence of the state of Israel.”