Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Louise Arbour’s Anti-Israel Motion Support

"Mr. Speaker, last week UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour welcomed the coming into force of the Arab charter, which calls for ‘rejecting all forms of racism and Zionism’ and says that Zionism is ‘a violation of human rights’ and poses ‘a threat’ to world peace.

Eradicating Zionism would mean the eradication of the Jewish state. The Canadian government does not support Ms. Arbour in her endorsement of this goal. In fact, we call on Ms. Arbour to apologize, renounce the Arab charter and state unequivocally that Zionism is a perfectly legitimate movement.

Here at home, the Liberal Party must make clear its own position on the Arab charter. Saying one thing to one group and something different to another is deceptive.

Parliament should stand with one voice, condemn Ms. Arbour’s remarks and support our democratic allies in Israel."