Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Mark Adler, MP makes a statement on the Festival of Purim and the Iranian Regime

Mr. Speaker, tonight marks the beginning of the Festival of Purim, a truly joyous holiday in the Jewish Tradition. Purim commemorates a time in Ancient Persia, when the Jewish people were saved from annihilation. Mr. Speaker, Ancient Persia, as we all know, is now present day Iran. It has been 2400 years, and still we see an ever growing threat against the Jewish people, their homeland, and the entire region. This is something we simply cannot accept.

It is fitting that Purim falls during a week when President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu have discussed the specter of violence that is descending on Israel. I sincerely hope that their talks were fruitful, and that we will see a peaceful solution to the growing tension in the Middle East.

I urge all Members to stand with me in support of international pressure on the Iranian government to halt its Nuclear Program, and to enter into peaceful talks with the Government of Israel.