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MARLEE MOZESON (CONSERVATIVE): Dear 14-year-old me..

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Dear me,

It’s currently 2003 and you’ve just entered grade 10, which is the start of high school in Alberta. You graduated from your Jewish day school, a class of 14 students, and are now being thrust into a public school of 2,500 students. You know about 13 out of 2,500 people there, so the odds are not really on your side. This may not be your year. On the bright side, you have now mastered the art of hair straightening, so at least you no longer have a curly mess on top of your head. Great start to the year! The not-so-great news? You are lost most of the time and are always trying not to cry. I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

However, you just started volunteering for a really cool Conservative candidate in your riding named Rona Ambrose. She is energetic, young, and smart. You have a feeling she will go far. Your brother convinces you that volunteering on her campaign is a good idea and will serve you well in the future (flash forward about ten years: your brother was right). You start stuffing envelopes, door knocking, and inputting data for her campaign. You meet some really neat people and are excited to be a part of this lively team! However, none of your friends are involved in politics or think it’s a cool activity (yet), so let’s keep this hush-hush.

A few months later, during the 2004 election, Rona Ambrose won in your riding with 60% of the vote and quickly rose through the ranks in Cabinet. You feel really happy to be a part of this winning team and a party that you feel represents your beliefs.

Because of the push from your brother into volunteering on a campaign and the openness of Rona Ambrose’s team, you will now enjoy many opportunities in the political world, including internships, conferences, political blogging, and an amazing political job! Oh, 14-year-old me… you have now entered the political realm AND your hair looks pretty good, to boot. You did good, kid!



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