Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Marlee Mozeson (Conservative): The Most Untapped Political Resource

In the over seven years since the Conservatives have been in power, they have been able to utilize many previously untapped political resources. This includes knowledge, effective advertisements, donations, and much more. We have been able to build a victorious party, maintain success, and have a promising future.

However, I believe the most powerful resource necessary in politics is volunteers. Volunteers are the most important for resource political parties, as well as for organizations and communities. The ability of people to willingly work together for the betterment of a cause they believe in is a valuable resource. Volunteering contributes to the vitality, capability, and achievement of a political party.

This is all true for a political campaign, as well. Though a central campaign team is important, individuals volunteering their precious time, when they could be doing anything else, is integral. There are never too many volunteers, as there are always tasks to be accomplished. Without these volunteers, political campaigns would not be able to provide the high level of services necessary during a campaign, such as door knocking, putting up signs, and calling constituents.

During the last Federal election in May, 2011, many campaigns benefiting from a surplus of volunteers, ranging from all different ages. I saw volunteers as young as 8 years old picking up flyers to hand out with their parents. I also saw an eager group from a senior’s residence that were willing to stuff envelopes. I view this increase in political volunteerism as a success for my party, as it was clear that people believe in the Conservative party and were willing to give up their limited free time in order to lend a hand.

Though this is not an untapped resource, I believe volunteers are one of the most important and helpful political resources. This enthusiasm over our political system during election campaigns is crucial and very exciting to see. I hope that volunteers continue to sacrifice their free time, as we continue to view their help as a vital service.


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