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Matt Godwin (NDP) | My Multi Partisan Valentine – 10 things I love About You
Partisan Blogger: Matt Godwin

The Olympics seem to bring out the best in everyone. If you have been following the buzz about Team Canada in Sochi, it clearly brings out the best in Canucks. So perhaps this is indeed the time to lay down the partisan arms for some patriotic fervour, complete with semi-awkward man-hugging. Well, patriotism doesn’t come so easily to Social Democrats, so perhaps I’ll take the excuse of an overrated, capitalist-driven, hallmark-holiday to say something nice about my fellow blogger, Conservative, Eitan Gilboord.

My favourite topic on the blog has been our piece on Heritage Minutes and it’s there that I have to agree with Eitan. I fully support and would be happy to endorse a Heritage Minute for Kim Campbell, Canada’s first female Prime Minister. When you walk through the gothic atrium in Westminster, just outside the House of Commons, there are four statues in each corner: Lloyd George, Churchill, Atlee and yes, Thatcher.

As the guide will tell you, Thatcher’s fierce demeanour is not represented for the bridge-building unity she brought to the UK (he says with sarcasm), but because she overcame stodgy, backward sexism in the world’s oldest political party. In the same vein, while I may not agree with the purposes of her party (frankly, I doubt she does anymore), I do feel more recognition than has been granted to her should be forthcoming. Here here for a Kim Campbell Heritage Minute!

In addition, I support Eitan’s call for a well-resourced and professional Canadian Armed Forces. For Canada to meet its overseas commitments, especially our long-forgotten peacekeeping obligations, the government must do more to support Canada’s military. Beginning with a faster and depoliticized overhaul of Canada’s laughable procurement process, Ottawa needs to take reform seriously and soon.

Finally, as for Mr. Gilboord’s desire to be a Senator, he may be the only one left in Canada with that career ambition. However, as a function of our constitution, he would have been better off being born an Atlantic Canadian, where the odds of becoming a Senator are at least twice as good as in Ontario!

And so, to Eitan:

Liberals are red, Tories are blue,

But I’ll take orange, and so should you!

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