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Max & Sam on the Campaign Trail


As a mom of three boys, I often think about what parts of my own childhood I want them to be able to experience.  There is so much that they will never get to do as a result of how the times have changed.

There is one thing however that I have been able to ensure that they do:  door to door canvassing. As a child, I remember doing this for the walkathon, Cancer Society and Terry Fox Run. Going door to door and asking for something (money, support etc) was not something that I was naturally good at, but it gave me good experience to engage with people that I did not know.  As an adult, this experience has helped me tremendously as a professional networker who runs a business development firm. I like telling people that it started from a young age where I was forced to “talk to strangers”.

When we think about how we can empower our kids and give them the tools to thrive both now and as adults, volunteering for a political campaign is something that we should all consider.

I love how my boys will happily pound the pavement, going door to door asking for support for their candidate.  It has made them so confident and so comfortable engaging with adults that they don’t know. Moreover, it also gives them a good sense of the world … some people are friendly and helpful, others… not so much!  I love when they get to hear feedback about why someone will NOT be supporting their candidate. That opportunity allows them to see that not everyone shares the same beliefs and perspectives but also gives my kids the chance to learn how to be respectful of how someone else feels.

I love how welcome my kids have been in this milieu.  I love that they are appreciated and being part of a team.  I love that they are getting a sense of satisfaction. More than anything, I love they are feeling that they are part of the process and want to make a difference.

– Darcie Richler

Written by: Max Lampert

Hello my name is Max Lampert. I am ten years old and I live in Toronto. This year my brother Sam and I have had the opportunity to campaign with one of Sam’s teachers, named Alexandra Lulka. Alex is running as a Toronto District School Board Trustee for the municipal election. We went door to door speaking to people about Alexandra and about her plan if she gets elected and we asked people if we could put signs up.  One of the coolest things when we campaigned with Alexandra was watching her taking notes. For example, if she thought someone was going to support her she put an “A”, and if somebody was not a fan of her she put an “N”.

In the past, we have campaigned with Michael Levitt for the York Centre seat in the 2015 federal election. I was 7 years old and Sam was 5 and we were the youngest volunteers. We really had a lot of fun. I think it’s important to start getting involved in this stuff at a young age, because it teaches you the importance of helping others and learning about politics.

My dad volunteered as a kid on several campaigns and got me very excited about doing the same thing. He has met several Canadian Prime Ministers and worked for a few Cabinet Ministers at the beginning of his career.

We are very fortunate to live in a country where you can choose whichever party you would like to volunteer for. We should do this… BECAUSE WE CAN! The more we help, the more we get to have a say in how our country runs. I hope you will consider getting involved and help a candidate that represents your own views. I plan to continue volunteering on political campaigns and hope you come join me!


CJPAC is a multi-partisan organization. We do not endorse candidates, but encourage Canadians like Max and his brothers to get engaged in the political process by volunteering with the candidates of their choice. To volunteer with the candidate of YOUR choice, email us at!