Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Mosque and Synagogue Twinning Initiative
    Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to rise today in the House to congratulate the Jewish and Muslim communities in Don Valley West for their exemplary twinning initiative between mosque and synagogue.
    As part of a North America-wide initiative, Temple Emanu-El and the Noor Cultural Centre organized a weekend of events that focused on the theme "Struggling with the language and imagery of war within our traditions".
    The weekend featured Jum’ah prayers at the Noor Centre, Shabbat services at Temple Emanu-El, lectures from Jewish and Muslim spiritual leaders and discussions among members of both communities.
    They have demonstrated a fine example of true inter-culturalism, strengthening the relationships between Jews and Muslims and building bridges for a better Canada.
    I was pleased to be part of this endeavour and commend both communities for making this event such a success, especially Samira Kanji and Joe Goodbaum, Rabbi Debra Landsberg and Dr. Timothy Gianotti, Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub and Rabbi Dr. Reuven Firestone.
    [Member spoke in Arabic and Hebrew as follows:]
    As-Salamu Alaykum. Shabbat Shalom.