Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Motion to Support Democratic Aspirations of the Iranian People—Debate Continued

Honourable senators, I want to thank the honourable senator for his support of this resolution. I agree wholeheartedly with his amendment. It strengthens this particular resolution.
I also want to commend my honourable friend. He has been a colleague of mine at the OSCE where he has shown great leadership. His fight for human rights and his speech today are examples of the reputation he is developing for himself and for Canada in 56 countries, from Vladivostok to Vancouver.
If no one else wants to speak on this amendment to the motion, I have only a few brief comments to conclude the debate.

 The Hon. the Speaker pro tempore: Further debate on the amendment?
Hon. Claudette Tardif (Deputy Leader of the Opposition): Senator Jaffer has indicated her desire to speak on this bill. I would like to take the adjournment in her name.
(On motion of Senator Tardif, for Senator Jaffer, debate adjourned.)

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