Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Motion to Support Democratic Aspirations of the Iranian People—Motion in Amendment—Debate Continued

. . .Honourable senators, this resolution is timely and relevant. Time is running out on the world community. A global crisis is reaching a climax of monumental importance relative to global security. . .
Honourable senators, we have already heard that the other place has already passed this resolution before the amendment so aptly was put forward by Senator Di Nino; they have already passed this resolution unanimously. This motion calls for us to add our voice so that Parliament can speak as one, with the inclusion of the artful and appropriate amendment by Senator Di Nino, of which I have no objection, to demonstrate that Canada affirms its opposition, as the resolution says in (g), "to nuclear proliferation and condemns any pursuit by Iran of nuclear weapons capability." . . .

My concern is that if the targeted sanctions are not adopted quickly, the consequences will be worse. Time is of the essence, and I hope this honourable Senate will do the right thing quickly and approve this resolution unanimously, as so artfully and carefully amended by our good colleague, Senator Di Nino.

The Hon. the Speaker pro tempore: Is it understood, honourable senators, that this motion stays under the name of Senator Jaffer?

Hon. Senators: Agreed.