Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Motion to Support Democratic Aspirations of the Iranian People-Debate Adjourned

pursuant to notice of October 28, 2009, moved:
(a) Canada supports the democratic aspirations of the people of Iran ;
(b) Canada condemns the use of violence and force by Iranian authorities against their own  people to suppress pro-democracy demonstrations following the Iranian presidential elections of June 12, 2009;
(c) Canada condemns the use of torture by Iranian authorities;
(d) Canada calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners held in Iran ;
(e) Canada calls on Iran to fully respect all of its human rights obligations, both in law and in practice;
(f) Canada condemns Iran ‘s
 complete disregard for legally binding UN Security Council Resolutions 1696, 1737, 1747, and 1803 and International Atomic Energy Agency requirements;
(g) Canada affirms its opposition to nuclear proliferation and condemns any pursuit by Iran of nuclear weapons capability;
(h) Canada recommends to international organizations of which it is a member that a new set of targeted sanctions be implemented against Iran , in concert with allies, unless Iran comes into compliance with its human rights and nuclear obligations in law and in practice.

. . .Honourable senators, this was passed unanimously in the other place. Why this motion? Why now? The world community of nations is seized of the issue of the clear aims and objectives of the President of Iran. He makes no mistake about what he says. He has issued proclamations and declarations at the United Nations, not once, but twice. He also speaks in Iran . For years, Iran has fomented terrorism and antagonism towards the West, throughout the Middle-East and beyond. Iran has supported terrorist groups with words and materials. There is no question about that. Iran is a totalitarian state. . .
Therefore, I urge honourable senators to support this resolution as quickly as possible, so that the voice of the Canadian Parliament – both houses – can say to Iran , and to the world, that this Parliament listens, this Parliament has reacted and this Parliament will not stand silent. . .
(On motion of Senator Di Nino, debate adjourned.)