Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
MP Bezan Applauds Suspension of Diplomatic Ties with Iran

Selkirk, MB – James Bezan, Member of Parliament for Selkirk Interlake issued the following statement after the Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird announced Canada had closed its embassy in Iran and declared persona non grata all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada.

“I completely support the bold decision to suspend diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran by our Conservative Government, and I commend the Hon. John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, for his strong, principled stance on this important issue.  Due to the Iranian regime’s support for international terrorism, its development of nuclear weapons, its military assistance to the Assad regime in Syria and its routine incitement to genocide against the State of Israel, has made Iran the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today.”

“When I learnt that the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa was using its diplomatic immunity to engage in mischievous and malevolent actions in Canada, I called for the closing of the Iranian Embassy.  On July 19, 2012, after a report alleged that the Iranian embassy was recruiting Iranian-Canadians to serve the Islamic Republic of Iran’s interests, and reportedly used aggressive means of intimidation to force people to spy on their compatriots, I requested that Minister Baird close their Embassy down.  I felt that a strong message had to be sent to Iran that the Government of Canada will not accept the intimidation and manipulation of our citizens by foreign nationals.”

“I recently began a petition campaign with Iranian-Canadian human rights activists, calling for the closure of the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa, which was motivated by last year’s threats against the National Archives of Canada perpetrated by Iranian diplomats and the additional reports highlighting the malicious intent of the Iranian Embassy to further the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada.”

“I will continue to work with my friends and colleagues who are active on this file to raise awareness for the Iranians who are living under the brutality and heavy hand of the Iranian regime.”

Full statement posted here.