Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
MP Mark Adler makes a statement in the House of Commons on Holocaust Education Week

Mr. Speaker, I rise today regarding Holocaust Education Week, which runs this year from November 1st until November 8th in the Greater Toronto Area.

It is one of the largest educational forums of its kind on the Holocaust. I ask that my honourable colleagues join me in acknowledging the efforts of the organizers and supporters of Holocaust Education Week for their important work.

Jan Deboutte [pronounced: Yawn Day-Boot] the Belgian Chair of the International Task Force on Holocaust Commemoration, Education, and Research, is in Ottawa today.

In 2013, Canada will proudly assume the position of Chair of the ITF. Last year, we hosted the Inter-parliamentary Conference on Combatting Anti-Semitism in Ottawa, which led to the signing of the historic Ottawa Protocol, a new set of international commitments to fight anti-Semitism.

Our Government has been unwavering in fighting anti-Semitism at home and abroad, and I encourage all Canadians to learn more about the Holocaust and about anti-Semitism so that we can help fight it around the world.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.