Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Over the past 12 years, Hamas has fired over 12,000 rockets into Israel aimed at innocent Israeli civilians. Since the beginning of 2012 alone, terrorists from the Gaza Strip have fired over 760 rockets into Israel. These coldblooded acts of terrorism should not, and cannot, be tolerated.

Israel’s actions to shield its civilians and to immobilize terrorist infrastructure in Gaza will help further protect the Jewish people from these senseless attacks. No other country in the world would sit idly by as its citizens are attacked by a barrage of rocket fire on a daily basis.

We fundamentally believe that Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens from terrorist threats. Far too often, the Jewish people find themselves on the front lines in the struggle against terrorism. Canada will continue to support Israel as it deals with regional threats to peace and security.

Canada remains committed to a lasting peace, which can only be achieved through an agreement negotiated by both parties. It is my hope that all issues are resolved quickly so that people in the Middle East can live in peace and harmony.