Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Mumbai Attacks

Mr. Speaker, on November 26, 2008, a series of horrific attacks took place in Mumbai, India, leaving 172 people dead and more than 300 injured. We remember that the terrorists who attacked the Chabad centre in Mumbai savagely assassinated Rabbi Gavriel Holzberg and his wife, Rivka Holzberg.
To commemorate this sad event, 100 rabbis representing the Canadian Federation of Chabad Lubavitch are on Parliament Hill today. I commend this group’s values of peace, goodness and justice and the work it does both internationally and in Quebec.
I condemn these unwarranted attacks against innocent people. No cause or claim can justify such attacks against civilians. I would like to remind this House that the Bloc Québécois has always condemned violence and that there are other ways to defend and realize political visions.