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My Coolest Political Moment; Harper on Israel at 60

I believe that everyone involved in politics has interesting political moments. For some, it is receiving one’s first party membership card, linking oneself not only to a party, but also its policies, ideas, and members. For others, it is meeting a political idol, like John Baird or Jason Kenney.

For me, however, my proudest (coolest) political moment is different. Though it does
not directly involve me personally, it was a moment in which I took immense pride
in my party, our Prime Minister, and the country in which we live.
It was almost five years ago, on May 8, 2008, as Prime Minister Harper stood in front of a crowd of thousands to congratulate Israel on her 60 years of existence.

Prime Minister Harper stated that, for his whole life, Israel has been a symbol of the triumph of hope and faith. At this moment, the Prime Minister made a connection with hundreds of thousands of Canadian Jews and supporters of Israel alike, as, for many, Israel symbolizes independence, assurance, refuge, miracles, and 2,000 years of
anticipation becoming a reality. As the Prime Minister said, it was
the culmination of dream, which was a testament to the spirit of the
Jewish people.

As Prime Minister Harper has continued to show his respect for the Jewish people and reverence towards the State of Israel, Canadians can also take great pleasure and pride in the fact that our Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and Conservative Members of Parliament have not lost sight of these words Prime Minister Harper spoke on May 8, 2008. Nearly five years later, the bond between Canada and  Israel remains unquestionable and unshakable. This bond is a symbol of our government – a symbol that they will stand up for what is right, not give in to adverse international pressure, and will support like-minded nations that share our values of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

It was with immense pleasure that I had the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Harper for the first time shortly after he gave that speech. As I thanked him for being such a loyal friend of Israel, he stated that he is merely doing what he believes to be morally correct and that he too is proud to be part of a government that stands for what is right, shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel.


Blogger Bio

Originally from Edmonton, Marlee holds an Honours BA in Political Science from York University, following a year of study in Israel.  Marlee spent the last two years working as a Special Assistant for the Federal Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, and as Parliamentary Secretary Assistant to the Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Humanities from York University. Her research interests include Jewish immigration to Canada and the effects of multiculturalism on Canada’s Western Jewish communities.


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