Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
My summer as a CJPAC intern

By: Kelly Bryant

My time as a CJPAC Summer Intern was truly unforgettable. Summer student internships often have a reputation for involving boring tasks, little responsibility, and limited practical personal development, all in the pursuit of quantifiable work experience. I am very happy to say that an internship at CJPAC is the exception to this rule.

As an intern, I was given amazing opportunities for personal and professional development, networking, and the chance to take on meaningful leadership roles.

One of my favourite parts of the internship was the CJPAC Camp Tour. I had a great time visiting summer camps across Ontario and educating campers about the importance of our community’s political engagement, as well as volunteering in the 2015 federal election. I did not attend summer camp growing up, so I had a lot of fun learning all about the camp experience.

Another highlight was a visit to Queen’s Park and attending Question Period. This summer was the first time I lived in Toronto, so I had never before toured Queen’s Park; it was very exciting to see Ontario politics in action.

The CJPAC Internship also gave me the opportunity to meet some very interesting and notable people in Canadian politics. For example, I attended events with the Hon. Lisa Raitt and Minister Carolyn Bennett. I also had the opportunity to meet Premier Kathleen Wynne and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The CJPAC Summer Internship Program provided me with great opportunities and tangible work experience. As a result of this experience, I feel confident and qualified in my current political work. As a 2015-2016 Senior CJPAC Fellow, I am thrilled to be continuing work within the CJPAC community, and I look forward to working with the organization and maintaining this relationship, no matter where I end up down the road.

If you want an experience like this, apply today for a summer internship with CJPAC!