Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
National Holocaust Monument

 Mr. Speaker, 70 years ago, the first transports began arriving at death camps like Auschwitz, sites of the worst government-sponsored genocide in history.

    A publicly funded national Holocaust monument in the national capital is one way that all Canadians can be part of honouring the Holocaust’s victims.

    This House, reflecting that wish, unanimously supported Bill C-442 to accomplish that and yet, at committee, the government introduced nine amendments, one for each article, signalling that it was walking away from its commitment and withdrawing its support for a publicly funded national Holocaust monument.

    Instead, the Conservatives told a small segment of our population to raise the money, build the monument and then, when and if it is done, they will take ownership and credit.

    However, there is no need. The Minister of Transport already has the authority and the means to direct the National Capital Commission to build this monument on behalf of all Canadians.

    I ask the minister and the government to respect the will of the House and get this monument out of the political arena and onto ground where it belongs.