Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
NDP Critical of Government Stance

In Ottawa, New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair called the resolution a reasonable request by the Palestinians and criticized the government’s decision to vote against it.

“What we have from the Canadian side, under the Conservatives, is negativism, reproach, attack, threats,” Mulcair said.

“We would like to see Canada playing a constructive role as we once proudly did on the world stage. Under Mr. Harper’s Conservatives, we no longer play a constructive role.”

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae said his party does not support the motion before the UN but predicts it will be accepted by the General Assembly.

“I have to say that I see the UN resolution as a bit of a diversion,” Rae said.

“Yes, it’s going to cause a big flurry.… but frankly that resolution doesn’t take us any further. And the real key issue is to get the parties in front of each other and talking about negotiations.”

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