Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
NDP Deputy Leader

Mr. Marc Garneau (Westmount—Ville-Marie, Lib.):  

    Mr. Speaker, the comments made by the deputy leader of the NDP concerning the state of Israel are not only irresponsible and counterproductive, but they are unworthy of Canada’s foreign policy.



    While acting as a moderator in the region, Canada has always defended Israel’s right to exist.



    The comments of the NDP’s deputy leader, on the other hand, qualify as gratuitous rhetoric that reveals intolerable ignorance of Israel’s history. When she questioned Israel’s right to exist, her remarks went beyond the realm of what is acceptable.



    If the leader of the NDP does not demand the deputy leader’s resignation, then he is indeed condoning her remarks.



     Canadian politicians can give neither authority nor publicity to this kind of anti-Israel rhetoric, and the leader of the NDP knows it.


    Canadian politicians cannot repeat this kind of rhetoric, nor give it any platform. The NDP leader knows this and should ask his deputy leader to step down.