Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Never Again

[1 May, 2006]

Hon. Keith Martin (Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca, Lib.): [Martin.K@parl.gc. ca]

Mr. Chair, last week we heard across the world echoes of ‘never again’ as we remembered the Holocaust and yet all of us in the House know that ‘never again’ has occurred time and time again, from Angola to Liberia, Sierra Leone to the Congo, and now to Darfur.

We champion our responsibility to protect. We need an obligation to act. We need to put teeth into that. Darfur is the challenge before us. We have the ability to lead and I would inspire and challenge the Minister of Foreign Affairs to do that because he will see widespread support for that in the House.

I want to congratulate and thank Senator Roméo Dallaire, Senator Mobina Jaffer, David Kilgour and the Canadian Jewish Congress for their support and that of many others in our country toward developing and promoting a resolution to this genocide.

Canada can do it. We can lead and should lead. I challenge the Minister of Foreign Affairs to do that. We will work with the government to make this happen.