Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Obhrai urges caution with PA aid money

April 8, 2002

CALGARY – Deepak Obhrai, Official Opposition Critic for International Cooperation, today said:

“Canada’s support for rebuilding in Palestine is crucial, but I urge CIDA to do more by drawing out a Strategic Plan for Rebuilding in Palestine, as a compliment to Canada’s diplomatic efforts. If the peace process succeeds, we must not let failed development efforts to unwittingly fuel new cycles of violence.”

“To build harmony in the Middle East, beyond intermittent cease-fires, we must provide freedom from poverty and hope for the future for the vast majority of Palestinians who are not involved in the terrorist activities that are reported daily and for who skyrocketing unemployment and shattered infrastructure are now the norm. Therefore, a CIDA Strategic Plan for Rebuilding in Palestine must ensure that a poverty-stricken people do not become a breeding ground for extremism.”