Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Our Federal Election with Team CJPAC

By: Kelly Bryant and Paz Levy


CJPAC is your one stop shop for all things Canadian politics, and there is NO time more exciting to be part of Team CJPAC than during an election year!

Back in 2015, we were lucky to join the team as a Volunteer Coordinator (Paz) and Summer Intern (Kelly) to help CJPAC engage the Jewish and pro-Israel community in the federal election. It was a pivotal time across the country – if you’ll remember, changes to Canada’s electoral districts opened up 30 new ridings, and competition was fierce across the board from all major parties.

We wanted to be part of the action, and from our first week at CJPAC, it was clear we were at the heart of it all.

If you want to give back to the community and play a key behind the scenes role in the 2019 federal election – not to mention work for an organization that will be genuinely invested in your growth – read our stories and apply today to be one CJPAC’s next Volunteer Coordinators or Summer Interns!

Paz: Working at CJPAC during the 2015 federal election was an incredible first dive for me into the intense world of Canadian politics. I don’t come from a very politically engaged family and before my time with the CJPAC team, I was passionate about Canadian politics but had little political engagement experience.

As a Volunteer Coordinator, it was my role to recruit volunteers from the Jewish and pro-Israel community and connect them to the campaigns of their choice across parties, and along with the other Volunteer Coordinators, quite literally from coast to coast. We had the opportunity to work closely with over 150 federal campaigns and many more volunteers from all walks of life.

As cheesy as it sounds, I learned that every single volunteer makes a difference to the campaign. One more door knocked could mean one more vote cast and that can make all the difference to the campaign. You wouldn’t believe the notes of thanks I received along the way.

It was thanks to this experience that I really came to understand the difference Canadians can make in our democracy and the ways that we can make our voice heard in government. It helped me learn critical skills in volunteer recruitment, relationship management and community engagement, both from the perspective of the community and of parties and political campaigns.

Since my time at CJPAC, I have been able to apply the tools that I learned to make a difference in other campaigns, and have continued to be actively engaged in various levels of government.

Whether you’re like me, with little experience or knowledge of Canadian politics or a seasoned political junkie, if you’re looking to make a difference, apply today to be part of CJPAC’s Election Team!

Kelly: Working at CJPAC during the 2015 election campaign gave me the unique opportunity to be part of the action behind the scenes, and learn how CJPAC energized the community to get engaged in federal politics.

As a CJPAC intern, I learned fundamental skills which set me up for success for a career in politics, and got to learn first-hand how to be an effective campaign leader and organizer.

During my internship, I has the opportunity to work alongside the political outreach and programming team to plan events, recruit volunteers, and spread the word to Jewish and pro-Israel Canadians that getting involved with the federal election is the best way to vote with their actions.

My favourite experience was the CJPAC Summer Camp Tour.  As an intern, I was responsible for reworking the 2015 Camp Tour to focus on election campaign activities. When it was ready, I got to travel to summer camps all across the province to deliver the program and get young people excited about political engagement. This experience taught me the basics of outreach, mobilization and relationship building, skills I use every day while working in federal politics.

Whether you are new to politics or a seasoned campaigner, you should apply to be part of CJPAC’s Election Team!  It is a rare opportunity to learn new skills and give back to your community, while working alongside one of the best teams in Canadian politics.

Paz is a Policy Advisor to the Ontario Minister of Government and Consumer Services, and previously served as the Volunteer Coordinator on a provincial campaign.

Kelly is a Policy Advisor to the Federal Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour in the federal government.

Excited? Us too. Apply to be a part of CJPAC’s Election Team and we guarantee you’ll have stories like these come fall 2019!