Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Points of Order

Mr. Speaker, during question period, the member for Kitchener Centre made a reference to a communication that I sent to some of my constituents, wherein he referenced a statement by a representative of the Israeli delegation to Durban I.
Today, for example, there is an item in the National Post where the reporter contacted Rabbi Melchior, who led that delegation and directed it, with respect to what Canada ‘s role at Durban I might have been, and I quote from that article:

 [Rabbi Melchior said] it was important for us that the Canadians led the battle in Durban against any anti-Semitic resolution. "This doesn’t seem to square with Alan Baker’s version of events?", [asked the reporter, and Rabbi Melchior said,] "I’m not sure. I haven’t talked to him but I think he doesn’t recall the order of things".

The order of things is that Canada and the Liberal Party at the time, and currently, have always stood up for Israel and against anti-Semitism.