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Political Activist Ben Singer Takes a Stand on Iran Threat

The most pressing threat to Jewish people, our state and the entire world, is the quest on the part of the current regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. This quest has pitted nation against nation and has the potential to ignite a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, proliferate weapons of mass destruction to terrorist organizations and possibly even spark a nuclear conflict. As a CJPAC Senior Fellow, I strongly believe that we cannot sit back when there are matters of grave importance affecting us. We can make a significant impact by taking a stand and getting involved politically. This is why when Judy Zelikovitz from Canada-Israel Committee suggested that I co-chair “Democracy in Action: Crisis in Iran” conference, I readily and proudly accepted the position.

At the conference, over 100 people, including approximately 50 students, were exposed to the complexities of Iran’s nuclear program and presented with the tools to assist in bringing it to a peaceful conclusion. Among those who spoke at the conference were Minister Jason Kenney, MP Irwin Cotler and former Miss Canada, Nazanin Afshin-Jam. The participants also had the opportunity to meet with a diverse range of Canadian MPs to thank them for their support, and to lobby for further action on this issue.

The conference was very successful; however, it was only the beginning of what needs to be an international push to stop the Iranian regime from acquiring nuclear arms, perpetrating human rights abuses against its own citizens and threatening Israel, Europe and the rest of the western world. An effective and easy way for each of us to make a difference is by participating in CJPAC’s action alerts. To view the most recent action alert and take part, click here.

Ben Singer

“Democracy in Action: Crisis in Iran” Co-Chair and CJPAC Senior Fellow