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Political Resolutions for the New Year


As Members of Parliament flew back to Ottawa to resume Cabinet meetings and the daily shenanigans that occur in the House of Commons, I am confident that many representatives contemplated their next move, next policy idea, or their next statement in the House. While I’m sure that many also made sweeping declarations about going to the gym more often, eating more healthily, or other New Year’s resolutions that are frequently made but rarely kept, some political resolutions are preserved.

During the Federal election in May 2011, the Conservative Party of Canada made many political resolutions that have been considered, honoured, and enacted over the last 1.5 years. Here is a brief overview of election promises:

Economy: Our government has diligently worked to eliminate the deficit and has continued to utilize the Economic Action Plan. Because of this, Canada was the most economically successful country after the recession.

Crime: our government has enacted new laws that create tougher mandatory sentencing for certain crimes.

Immigration: Minister Kenney has successfully revamped a broken immigration system that was plagued with backlog, queue-jumping, and bogus refugee claims. In five years, he has restored a shattered system, given Canadians hope, and positioned Canada as one of the most generous and genuine immigration systems. He has also created more stringent systems to offset human smuggling and marriages for convenience.

Accountability: As promised in the 2011 election, our government is working on expanding the House of Commons by creating new ridings in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. This will allow more constituents’ voices to be heard.

And, as promised, we also scrapped the long gun registry, created a tax-free savings account program, and are working on creating an office for Religious Freedom to protect vulnerable minorities around the world.

Therefore, I think no new resolutions are necessary. Sometimes it is good to stick to what you know. And what the Conservative Party of Canada knows is how to support and sustain a great country!


Blogger Bio

Originally from Edmonton, Marlee holds an Honours BA in Political Science from York University, following a year of study in Israel.  Marlee spent the last two years working as a Special Assistant for the Federal Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, and as Parliamentary Secretary Assistant to the Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Humanities from York University. Her research interests include Jewish immigration to Canada and the effects of multiculturalism on Canada’s Western Jewish communities.


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